Building the Stable

After installing Mo’ Creatures yesterday and catching myself a horse I had to leave it in my garden as it didn’t cross my mind before catching the horse to bother building it a stable. So today I set out to build it, oh and I also installed the Jodicraft texture pack, which I don’t really know if I like too much as the wood texture (in my opinion) is a bit ugly. So I’ll try it out for the next few days and if I become to like it you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in my future posts.

Minecraft - Hello Horesy

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I Acquire a Horse!

What I did this afternoon was, one un-install my mods and re-install all of them except dynamic lights (which I think I am now going to re-name laggy lighting, somet like that) I also added 2 more, Mo’ Creatures and Zan’s MiniMap. The first thing I wanted to do was get myself a horse, it would make travelling around a lot easier. So I made a saddle and set out with some bread to find myself a horse. Once I got over the sandy expanse between my house and the forest that extends for quite a way I found nearly all of the other Mo’ Creatures animals before a horse . . .

Minecraft - Saddle in Hand

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Modifying My House

Just going to be a short post this one, all I’ve got to show is the modifications I’ve done to my house. These consist of making a propper roof and making the upstairs area like a loft, sort-of. And cleaning up the floor in the basement, which has been bugging me for a while. Another reason why this post isn’t going to be too long is because I’ve become slightly addicted to the game Lead and Gold, a third person shooter set in the gold rush. It was in the free weekend on steam and on sale for only £1.75, and offer I wasn’t going to pass up on. It’s appeal will wear off quite soon though, I don’t think it’s 4 “professions” and 7 maps are going to last me too long . . .

Lead + Gold Pic

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Update – Minecraft & Art

Just a quick update, I’ve been asked to take part in the year 10 art exam in a month or so(I’m currently in year 9) This is so that some of the people doing art for their GCSE can get a feel of how the exams work. I think I might draw something to do with Minecraft, maybe. I like the idea of trying to replicate the feel of Minecraft in a drawing or painting. Because of this I might try and do some drawings in the next few days at home, just to see how the turn out. If I do I’ll post them on a page here on my blog called “My Art” or something like that. I will also post all of the other things that I have done onto that page, as well as making a new post.

I hope to be doing this soon so keep checking back and even better subscribe to my RSS if you want 😀

Exploring the Cave

After gathering some resources and re-making my tools I headed back down into the mine and got myself ready to enter the cave. As I had closed the game since I was last down here the mob of mobs has de-spawned and as far as I could see through debug mode there was only 2 mobs waiting for me. So without further ado lets get going!

Minecraft - Getting ready to enter

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Starting to document my Minecraft adventures . . .

Earlier today I decided to start posting about the things I do in my current Minecraft world. I will probably be posting here a lot more frequently than uploading videos to Youtube.  So check back here more often if you want to see new content. Don’t think I’m giving up on Youtube or anything, I’ll still post videos of the more exciting things I get up too and the odd tutorial. (Also remember to leave a comment somewhere with any videos you would like to see me make)

Ok, lets get started!

I have had this world for about a week now and have been adding to my house bit by bit. I was looking for a paticular place to build a house on, a sandy beach with maybe some grass (if there was none I could easily plant some with the expanded farming mod) and I wanted this sandy area to be not that far away from spawn. After creating world after world I remembered making a world to take some pics of a zombie (to use on a birthday card for a friend) and loaded it up. I enabled no-clip to take a look at the surroundings and spotted this massive beach.

Flying View Of Beach


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