Starting to document my Minecraft adventures . . .

Earlier today I decided to start posting about the things I do in my current Minecraft world. I will probably be posting here a lot more frequently than uploading videos to Youtube.  So check back here more often if you want to see new content. Don’t think I’m giving up on Youtube or anything, I’ll still post videos of the more exciting things I get up too and the odd tutorial. (Also remember to leave a comment somewhere with any videos you would like to see me make)

Ok, lets get started!

I have had this world for about a week now and have been adding to my house bit by bit. I was looking for a paticular place to build a house on, a sandy beach with maybe some grass (if there was none I could easily plant some with the expanded farming mod) and I wanted this sandy area to be not that far away from spawn. After creating world after world I remembered making a world to take some pics of a zombie (to use on a birthday card for a friend) and loaded it up. I enabled no-clip to take a look at the surroundings and spotted this massive beach.

Flying View Of Beach


I started to gather resources  and set off to build my home. At first it was a lot smaller than what it is now, just the main part with a small conservatory part. As you can see it has been expanded a bit since then. I’ve expanded the conservatory at the front and added a small garden to the side.

Outside 1

Outside 4

Outside 3

Outside 2



Upstairs is pretty bare at the moment, might add some paintings or something.


But there is roof access and I might build some kind of wheat farm on the roof bordering the garden (pigs can’t trample my crop up here :D)

Garden Above

It also allows for some great sunset shots like this one . . .


Another cool thing about this house is the natural spring of water I found just under the ground, I am planning to drain the water out of there and set up a mineshaft. But that will probably have to wait as I’m still gathering resources and exploring the surrounding area.

Mine - Pool of Water

I’m hoping to update this post at least twice a week, hopefully more than that. So until next time, cya! (Anybody who has watched my Youtube videos might get this refrence!)


2 comments on “Starting to document my Minecraft adventures . . .

  1. Great, i found what i ‘ve been lookin for

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