Draining the Basement and Beginning a Mine

I changed my mind a little about what I was going to do in Minecraft. I’ll go and explore in a later post, I’ve found something that can be explored a lot closer to home . . .

Mine - Pool of Water

The first thing that needed to be done is draining the basement/underground spring. It’s not as easy as just filling up a bucket as it is an infinite spring in most places except for the corners. You need to fill in all the water with a block and then dig it all up again.  Painstaking work . . .

Minecraft Draining

Minecraft Draining 2

Minecraft Basment Drained

Being the perfectionist I am I took one look at the walls and thought, “they need cleaning up.” So I started to replace them and soon realised I was running out of sand. Fast. I swam over to a nearby island and started stripping it of sand, as an added bonus I found a bunch of clay now. I now have just under 8 stacks of clay balls, I shall have to make something out of brick in the future . . .

Minecraft Half Stripped Island

Minecraft Too Much Clay!

Anyhow, lets get back to what I was doing. I dug out the walls and filled them back in with a sand + dirt theme which I think looks quite nice. I will also fill in the floor in due time. Onto digging the Mineshaft, I made it 3×3 firstly because having the border on the top makes it look nice and secondly because I just cannot be bothered digging out 25 blocks every level down I go, 10 is enough.

Minecraft Basement

Minecraft Shaft Top Down

After digging about 10 blocks I heard some monsters. I cheated slightly here, but oh well. As debug mode (F3) now shows the ID of every mob currently spawned in the world it works slightly like a mob finder. I looked around and saw that there were about 15 or so mobs below me. Brilliant. The further down I got, their seemed to be more and more mobs spawning.

Minecraft Hmm, do I see monsters?

Minecraft Getting closer

The cobble stone in that pic is where I dug through into the cave and got shot in the face. I eventually managed to get a pic without a any arrows coming through the hole at me.

Minecraft Pretty close now

Minecraft There they are!

I shall explore this cave in a future post, I’m going to tidy up my basement a bit first and start setting up a base down here.


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