Exploring the Cave

After gathering some resources and re-making my tools I headed back down into the mine and got myself ready to enter the cave. As I had closed the game since I was last down here the mob of mobs has de-spawned and as far as I could see through debug mode there was only 2 mobs waiting for me. So without further ado lets get going!

Minecraft - Getting ready to enter

I took away the block covering the hole and got an arrow shot in my face, just before I dodged out of the way I caught a glimpse of a skeleton and a creeper, just what I need. I backed up against the back wall of the mine shaft and started to dig out a set of stairs to make it easier for me to escape if needed. I decided to slowly creep around the corner to get a better look. Bad idea. Another arrow came hurtling at me from a hidden foe. I decided that the only logical way to handle this would be to try and get right up to the skeleton and try and dodge is arrows. That’s exactly what I did. Sort of.

Minecraft - There it is!

Minecraft - Main Cavern

Minecraft - Main Cavern 2

As you can see in the picture above my fight didn’t go too well, with 2 hearts left I decided to light up this main cavern and block off the tunnel branching off to the right. Looking in my inventory I saw I only had an uncooked porckshop, not really the best meal. I ate it anyway and headed back up to the surface to cook some porckchops.

Minecraft - Second Branch Blocked

Minecraft - Cooking some pork

After filling up my health bar a bit I came back down and started to explore. I could see a pile of gravel at one end of the cavern just wanting to be dug up. After clambering over I descovered a dead end. Not a brill start, but I’m not going to let my hopes down about this cave. I went back and dug up some of the gravel but found nothing.

Minecraft - Branch 1

Minecraft - Dead End 2

I went back into the main cavern and broke through the wall blocking off the second branch. After a very short walk I found yet again another dead end, but there was quite a bit of coal so I can’t moan too much. The next place to explore would be behind the gravel at the end of the second branch but I’m going to repair the mineshaft exit first. A bit of cobble will do for now, it can be replaced with smooth stone at a later date.

Minecraft - The Second branch

Minecraft - Dead End!

Minecraft - The Mineshaft Exit 2

Minecraft - The Mineshaft Exit

I headed back up to my house and deposited my findings into my chests. Next on my to-do list is modify the house a little, firstly clean up the floor of the basement and secondly make my self a sloping roof. The last thing I want is another block house. But that will be in the next part.


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