Update – Minecraft & Art

Just a quick update, I’ve been asked to take part in the year 10 art exam in a month or so(I’m currently in year 9) This is so that some of the people doing art for their GCSE can get a feel of how the exams work. I think I might draw something to do with Minecraft, maybe. I like the idea of trying to replicate the feel of Minecraft in a drawing or painting. Because of this I might try and do some drawings in the next few days at home, just to see how the turn out. If I do I’ll post them on a page here on my blog called “My Art” or something like that. I will also post all of the other things that I have done onto that page, as well as making a new post.

I hope to be doing this soon so keep checking back and even better subscribe to my RSS if you want 😀


2 comments on “Update – Minecraft & Art

  1. i know there is a free download but is there a download that is like the alfa version but i dont have to pay to play it?? if there is can you answer with the link, thanks..

    • BenneyBoy444 says:

      There are no free downloads *cough* Pirate Bay *Cough* for the alpha or beta versions of the game. There is the free classic mode but I think you can only play that in your browser.

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