Modifying My House

Just going to be a short post this one, all I’ve got to show is the modifications I’ve done to my house. These consist of making a propper roof and making the upstairs area like a loft, sort-of. And cleaning up the floor in the basement, which has been bugging me for a while. Another reason why this post isn’t going to be too long is because I’ve become slightly addicted to the game Lead and Gold, a third person shooter set in the gold rush. It was in the free weekend on steam and on sale for only £1.75, and offer I wasn’t going to pass up on. It’s appeal will wear off quite soon though, I don’t think it’s 4 “professions” and 7 maps are going to last me too long . . .

Lead + Gold Pic

But anyway, firstly I’ve tidied up the basement floor a bit, making it all sand. A ladder will be added in place of the gravel eventually, and maybe a glass top or something.

Before and after pics:

Minecraft Basement

javaw 2011-03-27 08-29-54-03

And the next thing I have changed is adding a roof to my house, which does look quite weird along side the rather massive garden extension. I will have to try a roof running around that as well.

Minecraft - Inside the roof

Minecraft - The Roof 1

Minecraft - The Roof 2

I noticed it looked a bit funny, and after adding a lip to the edge I don’t think it looks so bad. But it’ll have to do for now . . .

Minecraft - The Roof 3

Minecraft - The Roof 4

And I just realised as I was getting ready to publish this post that I left the fast texture setting on (having the dynamic lights mod installed and playing on a server don’t do Minecraft any justice as it chugs along at a steady 10 fps!) I think I am going to uninastall my mods, leaving out dynamic lights. I might also install Mo’ Creatures as I would like to tame a horse and go on some crazy adventure. So my next post might be how to install and uninstall mods, I’ll think about it . . .


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