I Acquire a Horse!

What I did this afternoon was, one un-install my mods and re-install all of them except dynamic lights (which I think I am now going to re-name laggy lighting, somet like that) I also added 2 more, Mo’ Creatures and Zan’s MiniMap. The first thing I wanted to do was get myself a horse, it would make travelling around a lot easier. So I made a saddle and set out with some bread to find myself a horse. Once I got over the sandy expanse between my house and the forest that extends for quite a way I found nearly all of the other Mo’ Creatures animals before a horse . . .

Minecraft - Saddle in Hand

Firstly I found a pair of bears, and managed to get a picture of one up close. Now, the way I take screenshots using Fraps is pressing F10 which pauses the game and then left clicking to resume. Now left clicking whilst standing in front of a bear is not the best idea. I spent the next minute or so fighting off the bear and its friend. Why bears drop fish I don’t really know but I was just glad I killed them.

Minecraft - Bear

I was about to head off in the other direction and spotted what I believe to be the cutest thing in the game at the moment – a little rabbit. According to the Mo’ Creatures forum page something happens when you wear a rabbit hat on a horse, so I guessed there is a way to wear a rabbit? Yurp, right clicking one of the bundles of fur lets it hop onto your head. Cute, but be careful when looking up. One swing of a sword kills them, as I found out the hard way. But I moved on anyway, now hatless.

Minecraft - Aww a Rabbit!

Minecraft - Rabbit Hat

Minecraft - Rabbit Hat!

A couple of minutes later I found quite a nice hole in the ground and a fox wandering around next to the massive drop, I placed torches so I could easily find it at a later day. So I’ve worn a bunny on my head, fought a bear, but still not found any horses.

Minecraft - Fox

Minecraft - Big Hole

I was about to give up and head back to my house when I saw a brown thing in the trees, a horse! I ran over and fed it my bread and put on the saddle, I jumped on eagerly and got, almost instantly, thrown up into the air and slammed back down onto the sand.

jMinecraft - Is that a horse I see over there?

Minecraft - Bucked Off

Owch. let’s try again! After a few more tries I finally got him to behave and stop bucking me off 😀 Then a little friend hopped in front of me, another rabbit! Rabbit hat! I ran back and got on my horse, nothing special happened though (the special thing is being to jump much further than usual) . . . I was thinking could my day get any better?

Minecraft - Finally Tamed It

Minecraft - Horeriding Rabbit Hat Combo!

Short answer – no. Long answer no, because I just saw a black horse, right where I found mine. Damnit. Oh well, I headed back to my house as it was getting dark. Then I realised I haven’t built a stable or anything, my garden will have to do then. I just hope it doesn’t trample my wheat. So I guess thats what I’m going to be doing in my next post.

Minecraft - Horse in My Garden!


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