Building the Stable

After installing Mo’ Creatures yesterday and catching myself a horse I had to leave it in my garden as it didn’t cross my mind before catching the horse to bother building it a stable. So today I set out to build it, oh and I also installed the Jodicraft texture pack, which I don’t really know if I like too much as the wood texture (in my opinion) is a bit ugly. So I’ll try it out for the next few days and if I become to like it you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in my future posts.

Minecraft - Hello Horesy

Minecraft - House in Jolicraft

Ok, so I chose this area to start building the stable as I think I am going to start building some other things down here as I develop my base/home. As you can probably tell (if you’re familiar with the Jodicraft pack) that I’mbuilding with cobble stone, I though it would be nice for a change as most of the buildings I make in Minecraft are wooden. I started by laying down the foundations, the area for the horse is 3×5, which I think should be enough. I might also put in a chest where I can store bread and wheat for the horses, that way I don’t have to trek back up to my house to get it when I injure my horse.

Minecraft - Stable Area

Minecraft - Stable Foundation

Minecraft - Stable Outside

You’ll probably notice that the door way is 3 blocks high, as the horses class as a 2 block high mob, plus you on top not having that one extra block would mean suffocating yourself when ever you put your horse back into the stable. Which is not ideal. And a mistake I noticed when putting the horse in the stable is the celling. Like the doorway it also requires one extra block for when you hop off the horse, again causing suffocation. Luckily this time it is only half a heart damage but after a while that will get annoying so I shall change that in the future.

Minecraft - Inside Stable

Minecraft - Entering the Stable

Minecraft - Stable Inside 2

But apart from that I think I did quite a good job, and the horse seems to like it as well 🙂


2 comments on “Building the Stable

  1. Katie says:

    whats the texture pack?

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