The Holy Porkchop

After saying hello to the puppy I found in the last post I saw a group of pigs spawn back near my house (about 3 of them) I ran over and started hacking at them with my sword. Only one porkchop though, but it will do. I went back inside and cooked it immediately. After cooking it I put in next to my torches on my hotbar, ready for use . But this post isn’t just about porkchops. . .

Minecraft - Holy Porkchop

The holy porkchop of life!

Minecraft - Roof Progress

The anti – trample blocks I added to my farm don’t work too well as most of the mobs trampling them are 1×2 or 1×2 (the farm animals) so I decided to add a small farm to my roof as a temporary fix until I get a proper greenhouse set up. It fits in quite nicely because the roof above my mine enterance is one block lower that the rest, that’s why it is sitting flush with the roof (apart from the wall of course) I’m going to make the top floor a proper roof when I get enough cobble, then I can move my bed up there.

Minecraft - Aww, a chick!

Minecraft - Baby Animals in my House!

I took a look around at my farm in progress and noticed something that make me go “Awwwwww” I hopped down off my roof to get a closer look. A chick! And a lamb! How cute! I went to get some seed out of the grass (makes them follow you) and brought them back into my house. I covered up the mine entrance as well because I was afraid that they might fall down.

Minecraft - Animal Pen

The next morning I got out some wood and began to build some fences to make them a little pen. Brilliant. Now I need some wheat so I can tame then and make sure they don’t de-spawn. I’ll do that next post, I might even use a bone to insta-grow them.

Rain down on the farm

I started this session off down in the mine when I heard a pounding on the roof, this could only mean one thing – RAIN!! Yey! The first rain I’ve had on this map, it seemed to come a lot quicker then when I needed it to come to make a video. Oh well.

Minecraft - Mr Sheep in The Rain

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Farm Survival

I started a new map earlier (Farm Survival v4), for a couple of reasons really. I’m having trouble with fraps video (meaning the Minecart series is delayed for a bit) so I decided to do this instead of let my blog run dry. And also I downloaded the Baby Animals mod and I thought that will make this a little more fun than usual (allowing for animal farming as well) The GLSL Shaders mod has just updated as well and I spent about 20 mins earlier getting that to work and I like it quite well, in the pics you will notice that I have a shaders pack with depth of field which adds a nice touch to Minecraft. But enough chit-chat, lets get going!

Minecraft - Farm Survival Challenges

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Update on The Minecart Series

Just going to be more of a picture post this one, I’ve been working on that Minecart system I mentioned in a previous post. Pretty much finished I think. Just need to get around to making the videos to showcase it. I also found out about a little inde game (off Notch’s twitter) that is quite a lot like Minecraft. It looks quite a lot of fun and is meant to be played multilayer mostly, well that’s what I’m guessing from the gameplay trailers. More about that in a bit.

Minecraft - Cool House

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Another Wolf(s)!!

After spending the night at my old house – where I encountered the bed bug (monsters spawning inside your house and waking you) I decided to head down into my mine and get some cobble. Down here I encountered the ladder (fix more than a bug) where I needed to replace the gaps in the ladders which took some time, I only replaced them up to the first floor which is ok for now as I can replace the rest when I do some more mining.

Minecraft - More Wolves!

After getting a few stacks of cobble I came back to at surface to continue the road and saw a sight that made me smile. I ran back to my house and got some bones.

Minecraft - My Wolves

Now with 2 wolves on my side I continued to build the road until the sun started to set, at which point I went back to my house to sleep. As you can see my little garden had spawned a couple of cows whilst I was out, one managed to get in the picture.

Minecraft - Three Creepers

After opening my door on this morning I saw a sight that made me do quite the opposite from smile, 3 goddamn creepers walking around near where I had got to with the road yesterday. After dispatching one I tried to take down the other, and failed. He blew up near the entrance to a little cave I found ages ago, killing one of my dogs and leaving the other hurt quite badly as he fell down into the hole.

Minecraft - Double Creeper!

I went round an picked up all the sand and started filling in the hole. Suddenly I heard a hissing and I flew to the other side of the hole. I looked up ad found the hole I was filling to have grown. Goddamn it x2. Once again I filled in the hole, this time looking around for creepers creeping up on me.

Minecraft - Nearly Finished Road

After filling in the hole I got back to continuing the road and I got a bit further before night fall. I only have to build about 50 blocks further before I connect up with the other end of the path.

Stepping away from my survival world for a minute, I might be doing a small (set maybe) of videos on making an efficient Minecart system including stations and junctions etc. So that will probably be my next post.

A Hole In The Island

I must be one of the stupidest people around, well. I feel that way after what I did in my single player world earlier, but more about that in a minute. Today I decided to try and get some more of my road finished, and it is coming along nicely if I must say so myself.

Minecraft - Floating House Landscape

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New video – TF2 Spy Montage

After finishing Portal 2 myself and waiting for Sqiglesheep to finish so we could attempt the Co-Op campaign I got a little bored. So with 2 and a bit spare days on my hands I decided to make a montage, this is the product of my bordem. And if you have anything that I could improve on please leave a comment (just make it constructive criticism please)

Back to Minecraft

So after finishing Portal 2 yesterday morning I went back to Minecraft and booted up my server. As expected the house I built on it looks like crap, but my main goal today is to build a gigantic bridge/elevated railway to the big cave system we found over the ocean and on the other side of a hill. I was hoping to link up to a small cabin that Sqiglesheep had built over there. So after designing a mini station with the new booster tracks (and it works rather well I must say myself) I started to get together some wood and begin building this project, and even after building for another 10 minutes or so after taking these pictures the end is still far from near. I am also running out of iron for the tracks, fast.

Minecraft - Big Bridge 1

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Minecraft – Beta 1.5 Update (+Portal 2)

So I’ve been playing Portal 2 quite a lot over the last day or so, and finished it this morning, just before making this post. But I did take a break from it yesterday afternoon to make my update video for Minecraft 1.5. I’ve put a full list of the updates and bug fixes below if you would like to take a look at them. But without any more delay here is the video:

  • Added Weather.
  • Added Statistics and Achievements.
  • New Items (Detector railPowered Rail, Birch and Pine/Spruce SaplingsWeb).
  • Holding SHIFT+Click on something in a chest will immediately move the selected item(s) into your inventory and vice-versa.
  • Birch and Pine/Spruce trees now drop Birch and Pine/Spruce saplings, respectively.
  • Large performance improvements.
  • Crafting a ladder now produces 2 ladders.
  • If lightning strikes a pig, it becomes a Zombie Pigman.
  • If lightning strikes a Creeper, it becomes electrified and will have a much more powerful explosion.

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