The Beta 1.4 Update

As a lot of you probably know, Minecraft was updated to Beta 1.4 the other day. And as a lot of you probably also know, when and update is released it breaks all of your mods. But more about that in a moment, lets cover what the update includes first . . .

Minecraft - My Wolfie

* Added tameable wolves
* Added cookies
* Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position
* New Minecraft logo
* Holding shift while climbing will hang on to the ladder
* Spiders will no longer trample crops
* Lots and lots of infrastructure for Statistics lists and Achievements

While most of the code is written, statistics and achievements won’t show up until the next update. We didn’t quite have time to finish them this week, and didn’t want to delay the update longer.

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So the biggest thing in this update is the tameable wolves (mine is in the picture above) You tame them with bones and they follow you around and attack the things that you attack. You can also feed them pork which re-fills their health, the tail of a wolf represents its health (the higher it is the more healthy they are) You can also right click on them to tell them to sit or follow, pretty self-explanatory.

There are also cookies which need coco beans which can currently only be found in dungeons (and inv-edit) Sleeping in a bed doesn’t currently re-set your spawn. I’m hoping that it will be fixed soon though as it will be quite useful. Holding shift and you stop still on a ladder, this is extremly helpful when building things on a ladder (gone are the days when we had to bob up and down when trying to place a block) And the Stats and Achievements which are nearly ready, I’m defiantly looking forward to them (the possibility of bragging rights with the stats!)

Minecraft - Stable

My empty stable

But there is always a bad side to the updates – mods stop working for a few days when they need to be updated. I hope that Notch will get this modding support done soon so mode don’t need to update with every addition to Minecraft. I can understand it with the massive updates but with the little additions it just starts to get annoying.

Minecraft - Broken Chest

The bugged chest

So I won’t be doing any let’s plays for a while, obviously because of lack of mods but also an issue related to expanded farming that has annoyed me a lot. Expanded farming adds in some more seeds for pumpkins, flowers and mushrooms. I had some of these in a chest and as the update is no longer there the items don’t exist. This has bugged out the chest and whenever I try to open it my game crashes to desktop. The downside to this is that is my items chest and I need that quite a lot. But I guess I’ll have to wait for a few days until it gets updated. So untill next time, keep mining (and possibly not updating)


One comment on “The Beta 1.4 Update

  1. […] decided to start off a new world to play for a while, at least until expanded farming updates (read this update post if you want to know why) I got this world from here and the object of this world is, to survive. […]

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