A Quick Update

This is gona be a really short post, I was just checking the stats for my blog, the views spiked at 44 yesterday (mainly because of the Beta 1.4 post I made) and I was looking at the links to my blog and noticed this:

My Blog Featured!

My blog is a featured blog for the Minecraft tag on wordpress! Which is great, another one of my posts also appears further down the page. I’m hoping that this will mean more views for my blog as I don’t get that many at the moment. I’m still waiting for my mods to update, I just need Mo’ Creatures and Expanded Farming now, and for some reason Zan’s Minimap gave me the black screen after I installed it. I tried a few more times and still nothing. So I’m going to wait for a while before I try again, he might bring out an update or something.


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