Survival Island

I’ve decided to start off a new world to play for a while, at least until expanded farming updates (read this update post if you want to know why) I got this world from here and the object of this world is, to survive. The catch, as you can probably see is extremely limited resources. This world has been edited to have just this island for quite a far way out, but I’m guessing there is an end somewhere. So without further ado, lets get going!

Minecraft Survival Island - The Island

The first thing I did was head over to the tree and cut it down, I got 2 saplings out of it and planted one back on the island (the second one wouldn’t grow) Then I harvested the cacti and re-planted them, they will come in handy for defending my house later on. As you can see from my pictures I have changed back to the Quandary pack for now, I’ll probably swap back to Jolicraft eventually.

Minecraft Survival Island - Sapling

Next thing to do was build a house, the walls can be out of sand but the roof obvioulsy cannot. So, I built the walls and added some holes to look out through and the roof I made out of a mix of dirt and wood. And to save materials I made a sort-of checkered pattern which won’t allow spiders through if they climb up. Hopefully.

Minecraft Survival Island - Hut

Minecraft Survival Island - Checkered Roof

As there are no open cliff faces on this island the only way to get coal would mean going digging for it, and I didn’t have the time to do that right now. So I saved one of the logs from the tree to make charcoal. But firstly I need some stone to make a furnace so I dug down in the corner of my hut and started to mine some stone. I came back up out of the hole and made myself a furnace. I was about to cook the log when I realized I didn’t have any wood to cook it with. The only wood I had was 2 sticks, I put them in and held my breath as they burnt extremely quickly. I was pretty sure that the burn ratio for sticks was 2:1 (2 sticks to one block) Luckily it was, and I now had a piece of charcoal! But then I quickly saw the flaw in my plan – I had just used my only sticks in the furnace. Then I remembered my roof, duhh. I took out some of the wooden blocks and made some torches.

Minecraft Survival Island - Furnace

Minecraft Survival Island - Charcoal!

First one for the house, another for outside, and the other 2 for the hole in the ground. When I was outside I noticed my cacti had grown and I went to harvest them, after re-planting I had 3 left over. I decided to plant them outside my door, hopefully to stop monsters getting too close to me.

Minecraft Survival Island - Cacti Farm

Minecraft Survival Island - Cacti Defenses

I’m hoping to continue this let’s play for the next week or so, at least until expanded farming is updated as that has messed a chest on my main world.


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