Building on the Floating Island

Finally! Minecraft updated to 4.1_01 the other day and most of my mods have updated as well. So the first thing I did after installing them was go into my main world and check the bugged chest. Success!! I was quite annoyed to find the only thing bugging out the chest was one bag of grass seed -.- But anyways, I intend to go to the flying islands I found earlier and build a house on them. First I made a new chest next to my farm to put the seeds in, and hopefully not bug out my main one now. I started to grill some porkchops as the sun was setting and went to bed, I would set out in the morning.

Minecraft - The New Chest

I woke the next morning and set of straight away, I got my wolf (which I still need to name) and headed off in the direction of the marker on my compass. Along the way I met a few animals, firstly some squids which I think may be the first I have seen in this world. Then another wolf, next to which was a pile of wool (Proving that wild wolves attack sheep) And of course the usual assortment of farmyard animals.

Minecraft - Some Squids

Minecraft - Hello Wolfie!

And then, there it is! The mysterious flying island. I climbed up the cliff next to it and chose the best place for a bridge. As you can see in the picture below my wolf was sitting right on the edge of that cliff. The thing I did next I regret doing. I knew that wolves teleport next to you if they get stuck, but they don’t teleport when sitting. So I decided to tell him to follow me and I ran across the bridge, hoping he would teleport across. But he didn’t. He attempted to follow me directly across and fell off the cliff.

Minecraft - The Island!

Minecraft - The Bridge

NOOOOO WOLFIE!!!! After leaning over the edge and being kind-of speechless for a while I decided I would be a good idea to start building my house before it got dark. I headed up to the highest place on the island and flattened it out. The right side of the house is going to extend out, off the island and I’m probably going to make the floor out of glass as well.

Minecraft - The New Hosue

Minecraft - Inside the New house

After building my house I went back to where my wolfie fell off and decided to make a small monument for him, he lived his short life to the fullest, let him rest in peace . . .

Minecraft - RIP Wolfie . . .


2 comments on “Building on the Floating Island

  1. J.R. says:

    Awesome Blog! Sorry about your wolf. I feared that was going to happen to mine as well. I can barely keep myself from falling off cliffs let alone a wolf!

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