Finishing the Floating House

I’m sorry about the lack of posts in the past days, I’ve not been able to get much done firstly because of the upcoming art exam that I really need to do some more prep work for (hardly done any) and I’ve also been playing a lot on BurntCustards server (I won’t post the Ip as it is a private server with not many people on at the moment, but a link to his blog is here if you want to know more: But back to my story 😀

javaw 2011-04-09 21-35-21-53

After finishing the frame of my house I decided to trek back to my original house to go and collect some more supplies, so I wouldn’t be making more of the stuff I have stored back there. Also on the way there I put down some torches so it would be easier to find my way back and not fall down any holes or have to wade through lakes, and I am probably eventually going to build a road connecting the two houses, making travelling on horseback (when Mo’ Creatures updates) a lot easier.

javaw 2011-04-09 21-34-43-93

I decided to start making the overhanging part of my house, but I firstly needed to go out and get some wood and sand for glass. Firstly I headed back down towards my house a bit where there is a small forest. After cutting down some trees I headed over to the small beach, or desert. I don’t really know which. But anyways, I started a small sand quarry 4×4 blocks and came back with just under a stack of sand which will be just fine for what I’m doing.

javaw 2011-04-09 21-39-52-46

After building the deck I decided that the outside of my house looked a little bare, then I thought. “Why not make it look a bit like a porch!” I did mean just the front of the house at this point but it looked a little wierd just stopping at the corner so I continued it on around the back. Then I ran out of half steps just before I could finish it. Perfect time to cut out the holes for skylights.

javaw 2011-04-09 21-52-37-68

Now for the final addition – some supports. And it’s done! That’s going to be all for this post, I think what I’ll do soon is start digging out where the path will go, then get mining for some cobble.

javaw 2011-04-09 22-01-59-53

javaw 2011-04-09 22-03-46-26


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