Marking out the road

Today I got a free pass for killing floor off a mate (thanks Sqiglesheep!) so I’ve been playing on that for a bit lately and I’ve got to admit its is pretty cool – a bit like Left for Dead if you ever played any of them. I’ve also discovered quite a cool game called Ace of Spades which ish like Minecraft, just with guns. The object of the game is to get the enemy intel whilst defending yours. But you can also build with blocks kinda like Minecraft. This adds a lot more tactic to the game, stuff like building amazing bases or tunnelling under the enemy to make their intel drop right into your tunnel (works rather well I must say so myself) So yh. Also I did the art test I’ve been doing prep work for yesterday so I should be able to play Minecraft a bit more frequently now. But onto some Minecraft.

Minecraft - View From The Island

I decided to decorate the “kitchen” area in my new home in the same style as the one I build on my server – with a black and white checked floor. So firstly I needed to go and get some wool as I was sure I had some back in my old house. And whilst I’m on my way back I might as well roughly plan out the route my road is going to take. So after taking the walk back a bit slower this time, placing some blocks to lay out where the road is going to go I got back to my house, just to discover that I had about 7 blocks of wool (6 of which were grey and brown. After a brief sheep shaving session and starting the construct the beginning of the road (just linking up my buildings back here for now) I went back to lay down my floor.

Minecraft - Road Plan

Minecraft - New Path

On the way back I discovered a cave I had never noticed before, even though I mus have walked past it 10 or so times. I lit it up so I can easily find it at a later date. Just as it started to get dark I snapped this pic of my floating island, the trees I planted earlier seem to have grown. Wonderful.

Minecraft - Un-explored Cave

Minecraft - The Floating Island

Back at the island I started to remove the old floor and put down the new checked look, I used grey wool as I think I looks a bit nicer and I didn’t have and ink sacks to dye the wool with. After that was done I decided to see how a second floor would look on this house, I quickly realized that wouldn’t be the best of ideas. I made a quick dirt staircase and poked my head out onto the roof (and into a cloud) Damn-it! I suppose I’m just lucky the bottom floor isn’t any higher, constantly having clouds floting through your house can start to get annoying after a while. So the next floor will be ditched. I’ll just start work on my road next I think, or explore that cave. Depends what I feel like.

Minecraft - Kitchen Floor

Minecraft - Cloudy Roof


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