Pretty cool formations (+ portal)

Hello again, as Portal 2 is to be released in about 1 day and 18 hours (obviously when this was posted, duhh) I decided to play through a bit of Portal 1 again. I was looking at my achievements after getting through a few of the test chambers and saw one achievement called transmission received that had no description. “Ohh and secret achievement!” I though to myself with a smile. So what I’ve been playing today is mainly Portal (I unlocked that achievement if you were wondering) But I did also play a bit of Minecraft on my server.

Minecraft - Cool Formations 7

The main thing I did was head off to a desert that Laura had found the other day, I used a map of my world rendered on the brill site So I headed off the desert visible to the top of the map, way of in the far east (what I’ve dubbed that area) After wearing through 2 iron shovels I started to head back, taking a path across the land this time. And I discovered a set of amazing formations and got some pictures. You may notice that I used the ingame screenshot thingy this time instead of Fraps and to be honest I think I will stick to Fraps usually. 1 because if you take 2 pictures in succession the message showing the last screenshot a appears on the second. And secondly I think that the quality is a bit lower than the pictures Fraps throws out. You probably can’t tell on my blog though. So the rest of this post is going to be made up of all the pictures I took on my travels.

Minecraft - Cool Formations 1

Minecraft - Cool Formations 2

Minecraft - Cool Formations 3

Minecraft - Cool Formations 4

Minecraft - Cool Formations 5

Minecraft - Cool Formations 6

I also started work on making a Minecart run from the mine in my garden to the giant cave we found on the mainland. I’ll post more info about that in my next post. Which brings me on to remind you that Portal 2 is releasing in a day or so and I will probably be playing that a bit more frequently than Minecraft for the first week or so, but everything should slowly go back to normality. And there will hopefully be a new Minecraft update releasing in the next week, making an update video will probably take priority over Portal so stay tuned for that.


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