Yey! Thanks to all of the people buying and playing the games in the Potato Sack Portal was released aproximatly 10 hours early, meaning that it was ready and waiting for me when I got on my computer this morning at around 9 GMT. Just about. When you pre-load a game off Steam it downloads an encrypted version of it to stop people just going to the game folder and launching the game that way (I’m guessing at least one person hacked through that though) So that means when the game is released you need to decrypt it. Which takes a lot longer than I expected it to, so I’m guessing that Steam encrypted it pretty well.  But yh, after waiting for about 15 minutes I loaded it up and I must say. It looks really buitiful. Especially the first un-destroyed chamber. The graphics do look a bit crappier when you get out of the chambers and into the bowels of the labs. But that cannot really be avoided as the straight, crisp edges of the chambers are obviously going to look better (and be easier to render and such) then the hilly ruins in other parts of the labs.

Also Minecraft 1.5 will hopefully be released later today (depending on how long Notch can keep himself at work and away from Portal!) But I doubt that will be today acording to this post on Notch’s twitter: “I am having a very hard time focusing. Things are getting blurry. Almost everything to fix before 1.5 is done.” Let’s just hope he can keep himself focused then. If Minecraft does release today I will put up an update video, but if not I might post some pictures of a house I’ve made (possibly for the Estate Agent thing I though about doing)


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