Back to Minecraft

So after finishing Portal 2 yesterday morning I went back to Minecraft and booted up my server. As expected the house I built on it looks like crap, but my main goal today is to build a gigantic bridge/elevated railway to the big cave system we found over the ocean and on the other side of a hill. I was hoping to link up to a small cabin that Sqiglesheep had built over there. So after designing a mini station with the new booster tracks (and it works rather well I must say myself) I started to get together some wood and begin building this project, and even after building for another 10 minutes or so after taking these pictures the end is still far from near. I am also running out of iron for the tracks, fast.

Minecraft - Big Bridge 1

The upstairs looks totally awful, but I spend most of the time down here and the black and white checked floor doesn’t look too different from Jolicraft’s nice cloth textures. So I guess I’ll be fine for now, shouldn’t take too long for Jolicraft to update.

Minecraft - Bedroom

Minecraft - Kitchen

So the first thing I made was the booster/station part. All it is is (that sounds so weird) a small loop of track with one side going down for 4 blocks – that part holds the booster track – and then a button to activate the track. The cool thing about the boosters is that because they stop the carts when un-powered the cart runs back into the station, gets stuck on the slope and let’s you hop out (if you hop to the side you don’t budge the cart too much) Then when you sit it the cart again to set off, you hit the button, letting the cart move again and the momentum from the small slope lets the cart get boosted along the track. Simple. Sort-of. But at least it works well.

Minecraft - Bridge Booster

Then the rest of the track is just 2 lines of wooden blocks with a middle part every 8 holding a torch which (hopefully) stops any mobs from spawning on the track.

Minecraft - Big Bridge 2

All that needs to be done now is continue the track and make it into a bridge where it crosses the water (and ice) Oh, and put supports where the torches are (so it looks slightly realistic)


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