A Hole In The Island

I must be one of the stupidest people around, well. I feel that way after what I did in my single player world earlier, but more about that in a minute. Today I decided to try and get some more of my road finished, and it is coming along nicely if I must say so myself.

Minecraft - Floating House Landscape

After digging up more of the path for the road and then filling it in I ran out of cobble. So I went back up to my Floating house on the Floating island and started to mine for some rock. I started mining a 5×5 hole under my house, and I kept digging down. Obviously I was going to pop out of the bottom as some point, but that didn’t cross my mind once when I was doing this. So I dug down and popped out the bottom, and I either dug the block I was standing on or just ran into it after mining it but either way I fell to my doom out of the bottom of my island. Epic fail. So after going and getting my stuff I came back up and closed up the entrance to the hole.

Minecraft - Hole in The Island

Minecraft - My Stuff

After that episode of stupidity I headed off to go and mine somewhere slightly more suitable, and I also found a pretty big ground overhand/cave thing which had quite a bit of coal and some iron in it. So I mined about 2 stacks of cobble and went back to continue my road building.

Minecraft - Dark Cave

I got about 50 blocks further before the sun started to go down, I decided to head to my main house as it was closer and I could do with having a look what supplies I have laying about at that house.

Minecraft - Unfinished Road At Sunset

That’s all I got done today, but I’ll continue my road building tomorrow. But until then, keep crafting! (and possibly mining!)


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  1. Thank you for a great post.

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