Another Wolf(s)!!

After spending the night at my old house – where I encountered the bed bug (monsters spawning inside your house and waking you) I decided to head down into my mine and get some cobble. Down here I encountered the ladder (fix more than a bug) where I needed to replace the gaps in the ladders which took some time, I only replaced them up to the first floor which is ok for now as I can replace the rest when I do some more mining.

Minecraft - More Wolves!

After getting a few stacks of cobble I came back to at surface to continue the road and saw a sight that made me smile. I ran back to my house and got some bones.

Minecraft - My Wolves

Now with 2 wolves on my side I continued to build the road until the sun started to set, at which point I went back to my house to sleep. As you can see my little garden had spawned a couple of cows whilst I was out, one managed to get in the picture.

Minecraft - Three Creepers

After opening my door on this morning I saw a sight that made me do quite the opposite from smile, 3 goddamn creepers walking around near where I had got to with the road yesterday. After dispatching one I tried to take down the other, and failed. He blew up near the entrance to a little cave I found ages ago, killing one of my dogs and leaving the other hurt quite badly as he fell down into the hole.

Minecraft - Double Creeper!

I went round an picked up all the sand and started filling in the hole. Suddenly I heard a hissing and I flew to the other side of the hole. I looked up ad found the hole I was filling to have grown. Goddamn it x2. Once again I filled in the hole, this time looking around for creepers creeping up on me.

Minecraft - Nearly Finished Road

After filling in the hole I got back to continuing the road and I got a bit further before night fall. I only have to build about 50 blocks further before I connect up with the other end of the path.

Stepping away from my survival world for a minute, I might be doing a small (set maybe) of videos on making an efficient Minecart system including stations and junctions etc. So that will probably be my next post.


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