Update on The Minecart Series

Just going to be more of a picture post this one, I’ve been working on that Minecart system I mentioned in a previous post. Pretty much finished I think. Just need to get around to making the videos to showcase it. I also found out about a little inde game (off Notch’s twitter) that is quite a lot like Minecraft. It looks quite a lot of fun and is meant to be played multilayer mostly, well that’s what I’m guessing from the gameplay trailers. More about that in a bit.

Minecraft - Cool House

Oh, and I built a pretty nice house! 😛

Here is the station:

Minecraft - Minecart Station

And the 3-way junction (a slightly modified version of this)

Minecraft - 3-Way Junction 1

Minecraft - 3-Way Junction 2

I also decided to make a greenhouse as water now harvests seeds as well as wheat

Minecraft - Greenhouse Outside

Basically you plant the seeds, wait for them to grow and then remove the sand block which sends down the water, harvesting the crops and seeds and then repeat, simple!

Minecraft - Greenhouse Inside

Removing the sand block makes these drop down, just replace the sand back on top to reset.

Minecraft - Greenhouse Water

Now, about this game. It looks really cool, and as far as I can see it is pretty much a side-scrolling/platforming Minecraft. If this sounds like your kinda thing check out the video below and Youtube Channel if you want to see more, 2 guys – Red & Blue (I think they are developing the game) are curently doing a let’s play of the game (currently in alpha) I hope that they pre-release it because it looks amazing. And as Minecraft proved even if a game is unfinished it can still sell millions, as long as it is amazing and I think this passes that line.

So yh, go and check out their Youtube Channel and take a look, maybe come back here and post a comment saying what you think about it. I’m hopeing to get that series of videos at least ready for upload, probably uploaded before the end of this week. But until then, cya!

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