Farm Survival

I started a new map earlier (Farm Survival v4), for a couple of reasons really. I’m having trouble with fraps video (meaning the Minecart series is delayed for a bit) so I decided to do this instead of let my blog run dry. And also I downloaded the Baby Animals mod and I thought that will make this a little more fun than usual (allowing for animal farming as well) The GLSL Shaders mod has just updated as well and I spent about 20 mins earlier getting that to work and I like it quite well, in the pics you will notice that I have a shaders pack with depth of field which adds a nice touch to Minecraft. But enough chit-chat, lets get going!

Minecraft - Farm Survival Challenges

There are a group of challenges that you can follow while playing if you want objectives and there is one rule – don’t go over the bedrock walls (digging under is ok as long as you don’t surface) As the title suggests the main goal is to try and turn this block of dirt (I’m guessing will eventually all be grass) into a farm of sorts. Simple?

Minecraft Bugged Squids

Sort-of, you have just enough wood to get started with and unless you make a tiny house it will be made of dirt at first (unless you start mining first) So here is my starting house . . .

Minecraft - Day 1 House

The map features a river running through the map about 100 blocks from the spawn, I headed over there to go and get some sand for the cacti and windows when I start building a proper house. For some reason the water is only one level deep, but that allows for easier mining of the sand on the bottom. This picture also shows the world curvature and DOF off a bit.

Minecraft - River

Minecraft - Under River

As I was coming back night started to fall and I had just enough time to plant this cactus before it went completely dark. Here you can see what I accomplished outside in the first 2 days, not too bad if I must say so myself.

Minecraft - Mini farm

Now what happened next annoyed me, but was also quite useful. Minecraft froze and crashed to desktop (I’m guessing because I had threading enabled on the minimap, that is said to corrupt saves but doubles the FPS) and when I came back the world had reverted to, I’m guessing the morning on the second day.

Minecraft - After Crash

This point

But, I still had my items. So I suppose that evens it out. I’ll leave it there today and hopefully continue tomorrow. But until then, keep farming!


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