Rain down on the farm

I started this session off down in the mine when I heard a pounding on the roof, this could only mean one thing – RAIN!! Yey! The first rain I’ve had on this map, it seemed to come a lot quicker then when I needed it to come to make a video. Oh well.

Minecraft - Mr Sheep in The Rain

Apparently rain now brings good things like sheep and cows, either that or maybe the grass has grown enough for them to spawn easily. I prefer to go with the “rain brings good things like sheep and cows” option, but thats just my preference.

Minecraft - Mr Spider in The Rain

It also brings nasties like spiders, skeletons and zombies (and stops them from burning up in the daytime unfortunately)

Minecraft - Mr Zombie in The Rain

Minecraft - Mr Skele in The Rain

After dispatching the monsters waiting outside my door I cut down the trees and replanted them, it was time to get a new floor. I’m guessing a wooden floor will be slightly more “comfy” than a dirt one. Saving a few blocks of wood to make into charcoal (still haven’t found any proper coal yet) I got some wooden planks and began to re-lay the floor.

Minecraft - New Floor

With that over and done with I went outside to take a look around and play in the rain (just kidding!) After getting into a fight with a skeleton (and losing) I re-spawned outside the bedrock box and had to no-clip back in. I shall make sure my spawn point is inside when I remove the walls so I can see sunsets. I came and got my stuff and look what I found! A puppy! How cute (apart from the fact that he was attacking some sheep) unfortunatly I didn’t have any bones to tame him with so I’ll have to leave him outside in the rain for today.

Minecraft - Puppy in the rain


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