The New House

Just a small post this one, I’ll post again later. After yesterday I had a stack and a bit of cobble and about 23 sand, time to make a house that is a bit more practical than a hole in the ground covered with dirt.

Minecraft - New House

This will do for now, I can easily add another floor when I’m in need of some more space but this is fine for now. It has a section for crafting and storage and a little alcove where the mineshaft is.

Minecraft - Inside 1

I threw my sand into the furnace to make some glass and started work on the farm, I had a brilliant idea in mind to stop mobs from trampling my crops – and with out just walling it off.

Minecraft - Farm

I headed back to my house after installing this new farm system as night started to fall, my glass was ready so I began filling in my windows. Just before I blocked him out an old visit.

Minecraft - Hello Creeper

Not today creeper! *Smack!* Shove a block of glass in his face 😀 And that’s all for this post, more later today.


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