The Holy Porkchop

After saying hello to the puppy I found in the last post I saw a group of pigs spawn back near my house (about 3 of them) I ran over and started hacking at them with my sword. Only one porkchop though, but it will do. I went back inside and cooked it immediately. After cooking it I put in next to my torches on my hotbar, ready for use . But this post isn’t just about porkchops. . .

Minecraft - Holy Porkchop

The holy porkchop of life!

Minecraft - Roof Progress

The anti – trample blocks I added to my farm don’t work too well as most of the mobs trampling them are 1×2 or 1×2 (the farm animals) so I decided to add a small farm to my roof as a temporary fix until I get a proper greenhouse set up. It fits in quite nicely because the roof above my mine enterance is one block lower that the rest, that’s why it is sitting flush with the roof (apart from the wall of course) I’m going to make the top floor a proper roof when I get enough cobble, then I can move my bed up there.

Minecraft - Aww, a chick!

Minecraft - Baby Animals in my House!

I took a look around at my farm in progress and noticed something that make me go “Awwwwww” I hopped down off my roof to get a closer look. A chick! And a lamb! How cute! I went to get some seed out of the grass (makes them follow you) and brought them back into my house. I covered up the mine entrance as well because I was afraid that they might fall down.

Minecraft - Animal Pen

The next morning I got out some wood and began to build some fences to make them a little pen. Brilliant. Now I need some wheat so I can tame then and make sure they don’t de-spawn. I’ll do that next post, I might even use a bone to insta-grow them.


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