Finishing the top floor

After killing a skeleton earlier I had one bone, a.k.a 3 bonemeal, a.k.a 3 wheat. Just enough to go and tame my baby farm animals so that they don’t de-spawn when I log out of the world. I also got some more animals and brought them back as well. But unfortunately my chick got free in the process and committed suicide in the cacti. It is a sad day for us all . . .

Minecraft - Cute Baby Animals

Awww, who’s a cute baby animal? Who’s a cute baby animal? You are!

I decided to re-place the top floor’s walls with wood to make my house look a little less “blocky” Then after another trip to the river and another half stack of sand I had some windows. Wooo! My house is finally coming together.

Minecraft - Top Floor Finished

Next job on my list – make a cacti farm. I decided to go with the simplest design for an auntomatic farm. Just a 5×5 hole with 4 cacti on sand blocks and 2 other blocks to break the cacti off when they grow up. Oh, and a water current to push the cacti to one spot in the corner of the farm.

Minecraft - Cacti Farm

And here is a pic of the finished house (well, nearly finished. I might add a roof next) But for now it’s finished. Next post I’ll try and get around to making a farm, probably a water harvesting one as well as seeds now get harvested from 1.5 onwards.

Minecraft - House Finished


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