A New Home

Sorry for the lack of posts continuing the Farm Survival series. I’ve been tied up playing with friends on BurntCustard’s sever. So this will once again just be more of an update and picture post.

Minecraft - Humble Abode

My Humble Abode!

Minecraft - Humble Abode

Our house’s mine-entrance. There is a mineshaft inside that goes all the way down to the bedrock. We also found a rather large cave system inside which we have only explored about half of by the looks of.

Minecraft - Mine Steps

We also have a pool which I finished just before taking these photos. The person jumping in is Laura, she’s living in the house with me.

Minecraft - Pool

She insisted that the current diving board wasn’t high enough so she built a massive tower to jump off. (Took her about 3 attempts to finally land in it, I hit it my first time)

Minecraft - Diving Tower

And finally, inside the house.

Minecraft - House Inside

I’ll try my best to get some more arm Survival posts up soon, if not I’ll post some more updates on Burnt’s server.

Minecraft - Sun Rising


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