A New Tree-Home

This post is going to be mainly like my last post – quick short and picture orientated as I’ve been mostly building on the server.

Minecraft - Tree House

Today I’ve just been mostly finishing up my house and making a little forest around it (complete with Do NOT cut down signs) and as the post title suggests I (we) made a tree house. Its pretty small and I just made it so we can get a better view of the sunset and rise as with recent addition of trees around my house it makes it pretty much impossible to easily see the sun set from the house. Although there is on spot next to the mine entrance, so I might make some kind of patio area there.

Minecraft - New Garden

Other little things I did was improve the mine entrance and add a fence around the back to stop creepers coming and dropping into the mine entrance (as much, at least)

Minecraft - Mine Shaft

Down the mine I added a little dirt mining room as I became a little low on dirt when filling in the rather large cave entrances around the back of my house but I think that has given all it can, I’ve started to hit grass blocks, so I’ll seal that off soon. We extended the mineshaft all the way down to bedrock level and started a little strip mining. As it takes ages to get down the ladders I added a hole you can drop down which does all the way down (be careful not to hit the other floors!) And that’s about it. I think I prefer posting less frequently so expect a post every 2 days or so (maybe even more as I have exams coming up soon)

Minecraft - New Forest


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