New Youtube Video – Auto Harvesting Farm

Just a short video showing off a new auto harvesting farm I made. Uses the piston mod.

(View on youtube for higher quality!)

Edit: Woowowo! 994 views yesterday! I checked in my stats and noticed most of the links to my blog were from reddit (proving posting links on there works) I was wondering, can we get the views today up to 1,200? Its worth a try 😀


2 comments on “New Youtube Video – Auto Harvesting Farm

  1. Levy says:

    I really like this design. A theory on why you only get 24 though: perhaps the wheat is glitching into the source blocks that hydrate the plants. Also, the piston mod is not required, just a piece of dirt is all you really need to act as a floodgate when the wheat is growing.

    I built a giant auto-harvesting wheat farm that harvests 475 wheat plots, creating 475 wheat and an absurd amount of wheat. It dropped me down to 1 fps when I harvested it and only picked back up as soon as I collected the drops. It was insane. I like your smaller design because who honestly is going to use 475 wheat? That’s 158 bread!

    I will definitely be using this smaller design in the future though. It is just right for surviving.

    • BenneyBoy444 says:

      Thanks! And I suppose that could be why, oh well. I did know could do it with dirt but I wanted a like “flick a switch to harvest” type farm (and also as the mod may be getting implimented into the game soon)

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