The Pointless Farm Tower

I would firstly like to start off by saying sorry for the lack of Farm Survival post lately, I’ve just been kinda hooked with multi-player recently. I’ve also been quite hooked with building quite pointless structure’s as well, one of those being this tower (which Burnt pointed out is a hexagonal tower with a square roof) it’s only purpose is to be a pointlessly annoying to harvest farm. It does act kinda like a landmark though, as you can see it from a pretty long way-away.

Minecraft - Wet sunrise

It also make quite good shots of the sunrise

Minecraft - Tower Outside

The hexagonal tower with a square roof

The tower has 4 floors, the bottom floor which has a crafting table and chest. The Second and third floors which have the crops and then the forth floor which is the observation deck sort of things where you can look out over the valley.

Minecraft - Tower Base Floor

Bottom floor

Minecraft - Farm Level

Second and third floor

Minecraft - Observation Deck

Observation deck

I also did some mining today and cleaned up my mine shaft a bit. I strarted to do some strip mining near where we had been before (this was on the bottom floor just level with lava level) and it was coming along quite nicely I had a bit of iron and coal, and  was happily chatting away over mumble. Then all of a sudden I struck lava and it gushed out a lot quicker than it usually seem to. All that really matters is the fact that I got killed and then the lava continued down the passage a few blocks, engulfing my items. One of the items I had on my was a diamond pick which had about half it’s life left. Devastated I headed back down to see if any of my items had popped out. I blocked off the lava and found my clock and bow with 5 arrows. But no diamond pick. Oh well. I chose a different mine branch and started mining with my brand new set of iron tools. About 2 minutes later I broke into a cave and saw something that made me smile.

Minecraft - Under Water Squids!

After that funny encounter I continued my exploration of this cave (which was full of lava luckily enough) After 5 minutes or so of carefully traversing across pools of lava  found what I was looking for – a vein of diamonds, and at least 3 as well. I carefukky made my way over, not wanting to fall in this close to my goal. After making sure there was no lava around me I quickly mined them out (only 3) and made a chest to put them in. I would rather leave them here and collect them on my way back than have another encounter with lava. I quickly had a look around the surrounding area and found nothing of interest. I collected my diamonds and headed back to the surface, passing by the under-ground squid on my way back (which made me smile again)

I suppose I had a neutral kind of day today, I lost some diamonds and then got some back about 15 minutes later I got some back. Oh, and I also built another useless building. I suppose you can call that slightly productive? 😛


One comment on “The Pointless Farm Tower

  1. calvin soueid says:

    well i dont get how the tower made it harder to harvest and it was kinda nice 🙂

    the squids were really weird though and they confused me XD

    good luck finding more diamonds

    sincerely ~calvin soueid~

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