Refreshing Renovations

After building that quite pointless tower the other day I decided to try and do some changes to my own home that I use day in, day out. Mainly making a basement/kitchen/storage room for some more chests because my very small house just doesn’t have enough space for everything. And I also wanted a sofa ūüôā

Minecraft - New Living Area

The new living area

Minecraft - New Kitchen

The storage basement/kitchen

I also decided to make some additions to my swimming pool, namely some lava lamp pool lights.¬†Probably¬†one of the worst ideas ever as the only thing¬†separating¬†the water from the lava (stopping it from turning into obsidian) is a 1 block layer of glass. At least everything breaks slower when you’re under water.

Minecraft - Pool Lamps

The valley in the¬†centre¬†of where all of the houses are has a hill at one end, which is quite unusual – it is filled with lava. So I decided to build a obsidian generator (a redstone powered one as well!)¬†Basically¬†there is water running into a hole next to some redstone that you place in the generator each time you run it. Then you pour a bucket of water on top of the redstone and the redstone turns into obsidian. Don’t ask me how it works as I don’t really know myself, it just does. But anyhow, it is very useful as the lava can be took out once the obsidian generates and re-use it.

Minecraft - Obsidian Generator


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