The Pool Party (With Cake!)

After doing all that building yesterday I decided to take a day off today, well, as much as you can take a day off in Minecraft.

Minecraft - Jump!


After finishing off my pool’s lights yesterday I decided the most logical thing to do would be to have a night-time pool party. Of course it would be. So I set out telling people to come and iced_apple and Alzedio came. After getting a few action shots of them jumping off my diving board we messed around for a while and started getting bored.

Minecraft - Hello Piggy

The inebitle also happened, we got a few unwanted visitors. First a piggy which iced was determined to keep in the pool as long as he could. Then out second visitor arived, a little more unwanted than the first one. That zombie picked the wrong pool party to crash (the one where the host is in possetion of a diamond sword. He was quickly dispatched, leaving us to carry on with our messing around.

Minecraft - Zombie Pool

Suddenly I came up with an idea. I ran out into my forrest and collected some milk. Anybody guess what I’m doing yet? 😛 I went back inside and started crafting the special item. I headed back out and made a small pedistool. The other two were wondering what the hell I was up to, but they soon found out.

Minecraft - Cake Sunrise


The first cake I plonked down got gobbled up in about 3 seconds so I headed back to get another and told my guests to leave this one long enough so that I could snap some pics of it. And just on cue as I was framing the shot the sun started to rise, what a perfect shot!


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