I got Griefed :( (and a trololol)

Just a really quick post today, mainly because I got griefed and I’m currently getting back on my feet. But after getting some of my stuff back we did manage to have a it of fun 🙂

The griefer was Squiglesheep, and he had every right to grief me. Just not this bad. Basically I buried his wolf and put obsidian outside his door (a whole 2 blocks!) for a joke. He dicided to pay me back by pouring lava on my roof, I have a wooden house. Also some of my chests got broke and a lot of the stuff de-spawned (Burnt and Alzedio saved some of it)

Minecraft - Hello Spider

Hello Mr Spider! How are you this fine day?

Minecraft - Zombie Hug

Hugs all around!

Minecraft - Trololol

We found a trolololol


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