The Rollercoaster

You may have noticed in my last post some minecart track in the background, the day before I got griefed I had started building a mini-rollercoaster coming out of my tree house. This is going to be more of a picture post showing that off, so enjoy!

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 1

It starts up the tree

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 2

Then along here

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 3

Drops off the hill and goes into this hill where there is . . .

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 4

Lava! (When I first made this I had the track only one block above the lava, so it was flush) and when I tested it I set alight as I ran through. I then thought I would be clever and put myself out with water. I did this in the exit out of the cave, which goes uphill. The water ran back down into the hill and turned about half of the lava into obsidian. So I ended up having to mine all of that out for about 10 minutes beforeĀ continuing

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 5

The setting sun over the cave exit

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 6

The track then runs under here and you can see the end on the right


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