Giving the Guide a Home

The first thing I decided to do today was to move the guide out of my home because he was starting to annoy me (opening doors and letting in nasties) so I removed the chair from my top floor and headed out to make him an new place to live.

Terraria - Giving the Guide a Home

I don’t think he deserves a propper home, so this house in the ground will have to do for him, or he can just live outside šŸ˜€

Terraria - The Guides Home

You will probably notice this last photo is took later on when I had lots more items and such

Terraria - Improving The House

I also did some more improvements to my home, including covering the roof with grass and in the future sunflowers and tree(s)

Terraria - Treasure Chest

Yey! A treasure chest (ohh an enchanted boomerang)

Terraria - Heart Crystal

Yey! A heart Crystal

Terraria - Another Chest!

Yey! Another chest

I’m hoping to try and fight The Big Eye soon, (yes I do know itsĀ properĀ name, I’m going to start calling it that though)

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