Minecraft – Lava Lamps

Yey! Another Minecraft post. Looks like even a game as addictive as Terraria still can’t stop me from going back to add to my Minecraft house 😀 Also I don’t think I will be doing as many Terraria posts Until I get further into the game and start fighting bosses etc, right now I’m really just mining and finding odd things. I will still make small update posts though.

Minecraft - Building the Waterfall

So I decided the hill behind my swimming pool looked a little bare and I wanted to add something there. How about a waterfall?The Dirt around the top is there because a creeper decided to jump out of a tree onto me -.-

Minecraft - Done?

There we go, done! Or . . .

Minecraft - How About some Lava Lamps

How about a lava lamp in the top?

Minecraft - Yey!


Minecraft - Done!

Finished, and I think that looks quite cool. I just hope nobody griefs this as water + still lava isn’t too good as far as I’m concerned . . .


One comment on “Minecraft – Lava Lamps

  1. calvin soueid says:

    i like… i like a lot!

    if you have hamachi we could play on terraria or minecraft some time 🙂

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