A New Start

Once again, sorry for not posting much in the last few days. Just got GTA 4 working on my pc and have been playing that for a while. Still got around to some Minecraft though. Just going to be a quick post because I’ve got to start getting ready (going camping with some friends tomorrow)

Cool World 1

So the other day I made a new world to make a entry for this competition (mine is the Night – Time Railway one. Go and vote it up :D) But anyways, I made a world for it and it turned out like this:

Cool World 2

Cool World 3

All from a random seed as well, no input from me here.

Cool World 4

Cool World 5

As soon as I saw these sights I duplicated the world and set off to make my entry. I returned to the world the other day and found a place for my home. Probably not the most exiting place, I moved away from the massive cliffs and settled down over here.

New House Outside 1

New House Outside 2

New House Outside 3

Don’t really know why but I just wanted a normal house for now, I might move into one of the cliffs in the future. The house took a couple of Minecraft days to complete (as you can see I still need to make some more glass for one of the windows, and make some furniture and such to decorate this inside a bit more) At least it’s liveable.

New House Inside 1

New House Inside 2

As I said I’m going camping tomorrow so don’t expect any posts for a while (not like I’ve kept to my post every-other day schedules lately anyways)


8 comments on “A New Start

  1. Matias says:

    Looks goooood, the world and the house. Can I get the seed? Please! 😀

  2. gabe says:

    Wots that awesome texturepack? Have you got bettergrass on as well?

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