Entering the Nether

As I said in my last post I was going camping for most of last week and was unable to post anything, I am sorry for that. Apparently after a 4 day break from posting I find it really hard to resume a schedule. So yh. But anyhow here is a post 😀

Portal Real World

We advanced into the nether (again) today after I fixed the towns portal system, that is the reason why people shouldn’t have a portal each in that close proximity – you end up coming out of the nether in someone else’s house. So I built a centre portal and told other people to destroy theirs and use this one. I also had to destroy the portal in the nether and die so we could make it work. But we got there in the end . . .

Nether Base 1

Here is the little hut we made, and the inside.

Nether Base 2

Nether Base 3

A burning Mr. T

Nether Base 4

Hello Mr ghast 🙂

I’ll make sure to put up another post tommorow as I’m sure we will have a lot more built by then.


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