Building A House

Today I started construction on our nether house, Laura popped on the server for an while and she gave me a hand clearing the area to the right of the house (and disposing of a few pigmen)

Our Nether House

Here is the house, complete with a Laura and a humble abode sign 😀

Our Nether House 2

Inside there is a crafting area and in the bottom of the picture there is a small area where I might put a observation area in the future.

Our Nether House 3

There is also a balcony area of sorts upstairs which (as you can see) I am still working on.

Clearing The Mound

Mound Cleared!

I decided the mound next to the house looked a bit ugly, so we cleared that away which took a few minutes.

Mushroom Field

After finishing off the house for now we set off to explore our surroundings, we found a massive mushroom field and we sat and collected them for about 5 minutes before heading back to the house.

Zombie Pigmen

Laura, as I said earlier is quite addicted to attacking the zombie pigmen . . .


2 comments on “Building A House

  1. Gill Edwards says:

    I too love Minecraft, I’ve begun a few different worlds but not been happy with them so am on my 4th now, i am struggling to find coal but its such an addictive game isnt it. I play it on peaceful mode though as i enjoy knowing you can just get on with things


    • BenneyBoy444 says:

      I belive I have become addicted to Minecraft, but saying that who isn’t? I play on easy because I’m not usually wanting to get into fights. And about your coal problem the best places to look is on cliff faces, if you can’t find any you could just pop some logs into a furnace and make some charcoal. Hope you have some look finding it anyway 😀

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