Sorry about the title, I felt it was necessary. But anyways moving swiftly on. I’m getting to the point on the server when I’ve nearly “beat the game” as such. But that will hopefully change soon, when the next update comes out actually because Burnt is going to re-set the server’s map when that happens.


Don’t ask why, I was bored 😀

Toilet in Progress 1

I started off by making some circles, gradually getting bigger

Toilet in Progress 2

Then I started planning how big the tank was going to be and started building that

Toilet in Progress 3

Added a seat . . .

Toilet in Progress 4

And then the finishing touch – making it flushable! That hole on the right holds the lever where the water is turned on and off. The water is simply behind some pistons and when the switch is flicked it opens the pistons, letting the water flow.