Another New House

So here is the house I was talking about yesterday, sorry it’s a bit late – I got Bad Company 2 so I’ve been playing (and sucking) on that over the last day or so. But anyways . . .

New House 1


The Outsides of the house are pretty boring at the moment, but it will probably look better in place on the server.

New House 2

New House 3

Inside there is room for a couple of chairs or something and then the kitchen is off to the right . . .

New House 4

New House 5

Upstairs is the bedroom area and a storage room as well, with chests to put specific items in.

New House 6

New House 7

Hope you enjoyed looking at this house and I hope to be building it on the server soon . . .





5 comments on “Another New House

  1. Bern says:

    hey do you think you could tell me the length and width of blocks,
    its hard to remake it with those images.
    it looks awesome ben.

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  3. Matias says:

    I think it looks pretty good, especially the garden (is that a garden?) with the tree. I hope the creeper painting won’t explode when you’re sleeping. 😛

    Ouch, I envy you. Bad Company 2 won’t run on my computer. :-/

    • BenneyBoy444 says:

      Ahaha, thanks! And even more thanks to re-visiting my site. It’s nice to know I get some people who come back from time to time, gives me that little more motivation to keep getting posts out there 😀 But anyhow – yh that is a garden and I’m pretty sure the chance of that happening is quite slim (not giving Notch any ideas ಠ_ಠ) And It only just runs on mine, on lowest specs. We could compare specs if you wish 😛 (Wow this is a long comment that I am making even longer my typing this out) Smiley 😀

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