New Blog!!

Hey guys, I’ve moved to tumblr to try it out, it just looks a lot easier to use than WordPress, has the ability to upload and publish unlimited images (I think) and best of all you can use custom HTML blogs. So I may at one point have a look into tumblr theme creation. Someday 😀

So head on over there if you want and leave me a comment (I’m lonely) Some followers would be nice also 😛

Happy New Year!!

Hey there guys! Just woke up after a great night of Wii Sports and Comedy Roadshows and say an email in my inbox. Upon inspection it was a stats page for my blog spanning across the whole of 2011. After reading through it I noticed that I could make it public so why not? If you would like to take a peek at what my blog has been through head on over to that page, link’s under the picture. And just one last thing:

Happy New Year!!

Click me to go to the report!

Placing Paths

Ok, long story short the mushroom water feature thingy I build was starting to annoy me so I destroyed it, made a new mushroom and then made it a water feature.

Now onto making a path and properly lighting up the area (aka not just torches dotted all around) . . . A few minutes later:

So I think it is looking quite good so far, unfortunately I seem to have run out of sand. Luckily there is a desert about a minute from here. Let’s go shopping (for sand, which is free. Cause that works) One day and an iron shovel later I’m exactly 100 blocks better off in sand. Back to work then.

Annnndd god damn it! The server crashed, guess I will have to resume my path building another day =( Sorry for this quite short post then (and keep crafting!)