Putting A Roof Over My Head

The mine I made last yesterday came in very useful today as I needed quite a lot of cobblestone for the roof. I decided to try and see what it looked like having a roof on my house.

New Roof

I think that looks fine and dandy. I might extend the roof over the balcony on the right in the future, but that’s fine for now.

Making The Farm

I also decided to make a farm, firstly because of food, secondly because I need wheat to tame livestock (baby animals mod) so I can bread them and thirdly because pistons are coming to Minecraft in Beta 1.7 and because of this I can make an button harvesting farm.

Making The Farm 2

I built it in a way that I think looks quite cool (and weird) but the main thing is that it works efficiently. Until pistons get implemented you can just place a block of water in the hole at the end of the farm and it will have the same effect as flicking a switch when the farm is finished.

Making The Farm 3

Farm Finished

It holds 24 wheat in total and give back around 10 seeds back, so they will build up quite quickly. That’s all for now, don’t know what I’m going to be doing in the next post. You’ll just have to wait and find out . . .

Farm Inside

Modifying My House

Just going to be a short post this one, all I’ve got to show is the modifications I’ve done to my house. These consist of making a propper roof and making the upstairs area like a loft, sort-of. And cleaning up the floor in the basement, which has been bugging me for a while. Another reason why this post isn’t going to be too long is because I’ve become slightly addicted to the game Lead and Gold, a third person shooter set in the gold rush. It was in the free weekend on steam and on sale for only £1.75, and offer I wasn’t going to pass up on. It’s appeal will wear off quite soon though, I don’t think it’s 4 “professions” and 7 maps are going to last me too long . . .

Lead + Gold Pic

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Exploring the Cave

After gathering some resources and re-making my tools I headed back down into the mine and got myself ready to enter the cave. As I had closed the game since I was last down here the mob of mobs has de-spawned and as far as I could see through debug mode there was only 2 mobs waiting for me. So without further ado lets get going!

Minecraft - Getting ready to enter

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