Welcome to the F.A.Q, I decided to make this page so I can direct people here when they have a question that is answered here. So, lets get started!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox game being developed by Mojang studios, it is still in beta stages so there will be much more content and bug fixes to come!

Is Minecraft Free?

No, it currently costs €14.95 / $20 / £12.50 and will go up to €20 when it reaches it’s final release so hurry up and buy it at http://www.minecraft.net/ (There is a free “Classic” version available on their site.)

Can I Come and Play on Your Server?

No, not because I’m mean but because you have to really be known by BurntCustard or be one of the existing players friends as the server is now a lot more private. Sorry about that.

How do you record Games?

I use fraps which records games and also displays a helpful FPS ticker on screen, you can get fraps here: http://www.fraps.com/

How do you edit your videos?

I use Sony Vegas Pro 9 for editing and usually Fraps for recording my voice but also Audiacy if Fraps would be inappropriate

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