The Minecraft 1.6 Update + Building a Temple Part 1

Wow, the changelist for 1.6 is pretty amazing. Aparently about 108 lines long acording to Notch’s last tweet. Most of them are quite small fixes but there are some main additions and some big fixes in there.

Tall, grass, Nether in SMP, Hatches, and one that a lot of constructors in Minecraft have been dreding would one day come – Fixed minecarts next to each other causing extreme velocities (sorry!) As you can probably tell Notch knows that would annoy a lot of people. He did make up for it by making the current booster/powered rail tracks more speedy which is nice because they were a bit sluggish in my opinion.

Moving away from the updates and back to my blog, me, Burnt and Tatty are working on the server on some sort of temple thing. None of us are really sure what is is going to be yet. All we know is that at this rate it is going to end up gigantinc. We flattened out an area yesterday and moved aproxemtly 42 stacks (2,688 blocks!) Which is a massive amount. We did that in a hour or so. We also built a circle that has a diameter of 31. Me and Tatty started to fill the whole thing with still water which took a while but it looks pretty cool. I don’t think Burnt apporves, he said the circle was too small anyways so oh well 😀

Here are some pics of our progress so far:

Mincraft - Building The Temple 1

Mincraft - Building The Temple 2

Mincraft - Building The Temple 3

Mincraft - Building The Temple 4

Mincraft - Building The Temple 5


Minecraft – Lava Lamps

Yey! Another Minecraft post. Looks like even a game as addictive as Terraria still can’t stop me from going back to add to my Minecraft house 😀 Also I don’t think I will be doing as many Terraria posts Until I get further into the game and start fighting bosses etc, right now I’m really just mining and finding odd things. I will still make small update posts though.

Minecraft - Building the Waterfall

So I decided the hill behind my swimming pool looked a little bare and I wanted to add something there. How about a waterfall?The Dirt around the top is there because a creeper decided to jump out of a tree onto me -.-

Minecraft - Done?

There we go, done! Or . . .

Minecraft - How About some Lava Lamps

How about a lava lamp in the top?

Minecraft - Yey!


Minecraft - Done!

Finished, and I think that looks quite cool. I just hope nobody griefs this as water + still lava isn’t too good as far as I’m concerned . . .

The River

Terraria is coming out today, supposedly. It’s not currently out (6:30pm GMT) so I decided to make a river on the sever, like you do.

javaw 2011-05-16 17-41-01-40

It may have took me about 3 iron shovels and 30 or so minutes to do but I think it was worth it. Now I wonder what Burnt will say . . .

javaw 2011-05-16 17-30-40-68

Woops, I think I may have flooded that cave slightly.

javaw 2011-05-16 17-40-11-67

javaw 2011-05-16 17-51-58-87

The finished river (now with added reeds) I’m guessing Terraria will be out by tonight, if so I will be playing that a lot more than Minecraft for the next few weeks. So expect some post containing content from Terraria 😀

The Rollercoaster

You may have noticed in my last post some minecart track in the background, the day before I got griefed I had started building a mini-rollercoaster coming out of my tree house. This is going to be more of a picture post showing that off, so enjoy!

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 1

It starts up the tree

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 2

Then along here

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 3

Drops off the hill and goes into this hill where there is . . .

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 4

Lava! (When I first made this I had the track only one block above the lava, so it was flush) and when I tested it I set alight as I ran through. I then thought I would be clever and put myself out with water. I did this in the exit out of the cave, which goes uphill. The water ran back down into the hill and turned about half of the lava into obsidian. So I ended up having to mine all of that out for about 10 minutes before continuing

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 5

The setting sun over the cave exit

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 6

The track then runs under here and you can see the end on the right

I got Griefed :( (and a trololol)

Just a really quick post today, mainly because I got griefed and I’m currently getting back on my feet. But after getting some of my stuff back we did manage to have a it of fun 🙂

The griefer was Squiglesheep, and he had every right to grief me. Just not this bad. Basically I buried his wolf and put obsidian outside his door (a whole 2 blocks!) for a joke. He dicided to pay me back by pouring lava on my roof, I have a wooden house. Also some of my chests got broke and a lot of the stuff de-spawned (Burnt and Alzedio saved some of it)

Minecraft - Hello Spider

Hello Mr Spider! How are you this fine day?

Minecraft - Zombie Hug

Hugs all around!

Minecraft - Trololol

We found a trolololol

Refreshing Renovations

After building that quite pointless tower the other day I decided to try and do some changes to my own home that I use day in, day out. Mainly making a basement/kitchen/storage room for some more chests because my very small house just doesn’t have enough space for everything. And I also wanted a sofa 🙂

Minecraft - New Living Area

The new living area Continue reading