Goodbye Mushroom Map

Damn. Damn, damn DAMN! So the server crashing the other days caused the map to become corrupted. So we have a new map now. Brilliant. So I might put up a post or two in the next week, I’m going to be starting a new lets play (possible a video one) when Notch freezes Minecraft development on the 18th and just concentrates on optimization and bug fixing until Nov 18th.  This is so that the game will be ready and bug free (hopefully) for its release at Minecon. But to keep you occupied until I get a post ready here is a piccy of our house on the new server . . .

So yh, if you were wondering the lava on the left used to flow from the hole in the cliff face to the left of it. I filled in the hole about 2 hours before this picture was took and it is still flowing down for some reason 🙂 (Until next time; keep crafting!)




Finding Diamond

After finishing my aniamal padock last post I decided it would be a good idea to go and explore the cave that I found previously. After about 2 minutes of digging further down in my mineshaft I came about this rather large cavin, containing a lot of iron, coal and lava. But most importantly – diamond!

Big Cavern

Bring on the moment of truth, how many diamonds are there? Just the one? Or is it a vien of 3 or 4 of them? Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn. Just the one, oh well. It’s better than nothing at least 😀


But nether the less I continue across the lava lake in hope of finding more diamonds. Soon I come to another opening on the other side and are greeted with some Lapis Lazupi, exactly 20 pieces to be exact.

Lots of Lava

Wow thats a lot of lava. I wish I dropped my diamond off in a chest or something, don’t wana lose it in here. Even though it looked promising there isn’t really anything special in here, just a few pieces of iron. Oh well. At least it’s somthing.


Decided to make an observation deck today, along with a few other refinements to our nether house/base.

Observation Deck

Here is the observation area that I made, to make it I had to go to a lower level and platform over to make the glass part go lower than how low it was in the last episode. I knew this was a bad idea and my suspicions came true when a ghast started attacking my platform. I managed to escape though, just.

Crafting Area

I also added a proper crafting area complete with chest, crafting table and fireplace.

Balcony/Lookout Area

Andddd finished the upper balcony/Lookout area.

Hello Piggy

Oh, and I met a new friend . . .

Building A House

Today I started construction on our nether house, Laura popped on the server for an while and she gave me a hand clearing the area to the right of the house (and disposing of a few pigmen)

Our Nether House

Here is the house, complete with a Laura and a humble abode sign 😀

Our Nether House 2

Inside there is a crafting area and in the bottom of the picture there is a small area where I might put a observation area in the future.

Our Nether House 3

There is also a balcony area of sorts upstairs which (as you can see) I am still working on.

Clearing The Mound

Mound Cleared!

I decided the mound next to the house looked a bit ugly, so we cleared that away which took a few minutes.

Mushroom Field

After finishing off the house for now we set off to explore our surroundings, we found a massive mushroom field and we sat and collected them for about 5 minutes before heading back to the house.

Zombie Pigmen

Laura, as I said earlier is quite addicted to attacking the zombie pigmen . . .

Expanding The Nether

So yh, I was expecting our electricity to be off tonight and wasn’t expecting to be able to put out a post but the workmen decided they wanted to get the job done earlier today and because of that I’ve been able to go on the server and take some pictures of our constructions so far.

Improved Nether Base

The new base area

The Path To . . .

And the path leading to the . . .

The Steps To . . .

Stairs that lead to the . . .

The Unfinished Viewing Platform

Observation deck, that I am hoping to finish some time soon. Which is pretty unlikely as I just scouted out a place I want to make a nether house so I bet I will be building that soon.

Entering the Nether

As I said in my last post I was going camping for most of last week and was unable to post anything, I am sorry for that. Apparently after a 4 day break from posting I find it really hard to resume a schedule. So yh. But anyhow here is a post 😀

Portal Real World

We advanced into the nether (again) today after I fixed the towns portal system, that is the reason why people shouldn’t have a portal each in that close proximity – you end up coming out of the nether in someone else’s house. So I built a centre portal and told other people to destroy theirs and use this one. I also had to destroy the portal in the nether and die so we could make it work. But we got there in the end . . .

Nether Base 1

Here is the little hut we made, and the inside.

Nether Base 2

Nether Base 3

A burning Mr. T

Nether Base 4

Hello Mr ghast 🙂

I’ll make sure to put up another post tommorow as I’m sure we will have a lot more built by then.

The Whoopee Cushion

This is going to be, yet another short, picture post. I’m very sorry about that and I think I am going to do another Minecraft post soon so stay tuned for that. But this post is about some more Terraria, and one of the weird items I found.

Terraria - Whoopee Cushion

Yes, that is a whoopee cushion. And yes that is Terraria running at 1360×768. I found a rather cool mod of sorts (actually more of a launcher) You can find more about that here. The only thing with using the modified launcher is that some of the textures are messed up and just running Terraria in full screen seems to make the cursor stick for me, using the mod or not.

Terraria - The Grappling Hook

I also found a hook and made myself a grappling hook.

Terraria - Mana Crystal

Then I found some more fallen stars and made a Mana Crystal and upped my Mana capacity.

Terraria - Mushroom Farm

Thennn I got some mushroom seeds and started to make a mushroom farm/field thingy.