New Youtube Video – Auto Harvesting Farm

Just a short video showing off a new auto harvesting farm I made. Uses the piston mod.

(View on youtube for higher quality!)

Edit: Woowowo! 994 views yesterday! I checked in my stats and noticed most of the links to my blog were from reddit (proving posting links on there works) I was wondering, can we get the views today up to 1,200? Its worth a try 😀

Finishing the top floor

After killing a skeleton earlier I had one bone, a.k.a 3 bonemeal, a.k.a 3 wheat. Just enough to go and tame my baby farm animals so that they don’t de-spawn when I log out of the world. I also got some more animals and brought them back as well. But unfortunately my chick got free in the process and committed suicide in the cacti. It is a sad day for us all . . .

Minecraft - Cute Baby Animals

Awww, who’s a cute baby animal? Who’s a cute baby animal? You are!

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Farm Survival

I started a new map earlier (Farm Survival v4), for a couple of reasons really. I’m having trouble with fraps video (meaning the Minecart series is delayed for a bit) so I decided to do this instead of let my blog run dry. And also I downloaded the Baby Animals mod and I thought that will make this a little more fun than usual (allowing for animal farming as well) The GLSL Shaders mod has just updated as well and I spent about 20 mins earlier getting that to work and I like it quite well, in the pics you will notice that I have a shaders pack with depth of field which adds a nice touch to Minecraft. But enough chit-chat, lets get going!

Minecraft - Farm Survival Challenges

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