A Hole In The Island

I must be one of the stupidest people around, well. I feel that way after what I did in my single player world earlier, but more about that in a minute. Today I decided to try and get some more of my road finished, and it is coming along nicely if I must say so myself.

Minecraft - Floating House Landscape

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Pretty cool formations (+ portal)

Hello again, as Portal 2 is to be released in about 1 day and 18 hours (obviously when this was posted, duhh) I decided to play through a bit of Portal 1 again. I was looking at my achievements after getting through a few of the test chambers and saw one achievement called transmission received that had no description. “Ohh and secret achievement!” I though to myself with a smile. So what I’ve been playing today is mainly Portal (I unlocked that achievement if you were wondering) But I did also play a bit of Minecraft on my server.

Minecraft - Cool Formations 7

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Marking out the road

Today I got a free pass for killing floor off a mate (thanks Sqiglesheep!) so I’ve been playing on that for a bit lately and I’ve got to admit its is pretty cool – a bit like Left for Dead if you ever played any of them. I’ve also discovered quite a cool game called Ace of Spades which ish like Minecraft, just with guns. The object of the game is to get the enemy intel whilst defending yours. But you can also build with blocks kinda like Minecraft. This adds a lot more tactic to the game, stuff like building amazing bases or tunnelling under the enemy to make their intel drop right into your tunnel (works rather well I must say so myself) So yh. Also I did the art test I’ve been doing prep work for yesterday so I should be able to play Minecraft a bit more frequently now. But onto some Minecraft.

Minecraft - View From The Island

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Finishing the Floating House

I’m sorry about the lack of posts in the past days, I’ve not been able to get much done firstly because of the upcoming art exam that I really need to do some more prep work for (hardly done any) and I’ve also been playing a lot on BurntCustards server (I won’t post the Ip as it is a private server with not many people on at the moment, but a link to his blog is here if you want to know more: http://burntcustardstown.blogspot.com/ But back to my story 😀

javaw 2011-04-09 21-35-21-53

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Building on the Floating Island

Finally! Minecraft updated to 4.1_01 the other day and most of my mods have updated as well. So the first thing I did after installing them was go into my main world and check the bugged chest. Success!! I was quite annoyed to find the only thing bugging out the chest was one bag of grass seed -.- But anyways, I intend to go to the flying islands I found earlier and build a house on them. First I made a new chest next to my farm to put the seeds in, and hopefully not bug out my main one now. I started to grill some porkchops as the sun was setting and went to bed, I would set out in the morning.

Minecraft - The New Chest

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