Update on The Minecart Series

Just going to be more of a picture post this one, I’ve been working on that Minecart system I mentioned in a previous post. Pretty much finished I think. Just need to get around to making the videos to showcase it. I also found out about a little inde game (off Notch’s twitter) that is quite a lot like Minecraft. It looks quite a lot of fun and is meant to be played multilayer mostly, well that’s what I’m guessing from the gameplay trailers. More about that in a bit.

Minecraft - Cool House

Oh, and I built a pretty nice house! 😛 Continue reading


New Idea – A Voyage to The End of The Minecraft World!

I’m thinking about setting off on a voyage to the end of the minecraft world (just about 8 times the size of earth) If I do decide that I’m bored enough to attempt this I will probably document it with pictures and such. What do you guys think?