Update (And piston door tutorial)

Hi guys, sorry that I haven’t been posting much in the last few days. Not had much time on my hands, been playing other games, playing my guitar (learning Sweden off the Minecraft soundtrack) and just general things happening in my life. So yh. I did post a new video on YouTube (a tutorial of the piston door I posted a few days earlier) but forgot to post it here, so I’ll do that now.

I shall try and get some more posts out soon, inbetween life, guitar and other things I’ve been doing lately. I’ve also been playing some Crysis 2 and I want to try and finish that off (I have a habit of leaving games I’m playing half finished (Half Life)) And I may also buy Cities XL 2011 later as it is on sale for £5.99 and it is a game I have been wanting to play for a while but couldn’t be bothered to pour £29.99 out of my pockets for a game that I probably won’t even play for that long.

But anyhow, I’ll be trying to get out some more posts in the next few days but don’t be surprised if I don’t, I’ve been feeling quite tired lately and there are things I would much rather be doing than forcing myself to play a game, take screenshots, think of things to write whilst I’m doing all of this and then compile this all into a post. It may not sound it but it is quite draining and sometimes I just don’t feel like it.

So I hope to be posting some more, but until then I’m signing off for some well-deserved rest 😀

New Video – Piston Door

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, because of the 1.7 update my mods are out of date and don’t want to continue my singleplayer world until I get baby animals because I will lose them otherwise. But here is a video as I’m not posting nothing. There will probably be another piston video tomorrow.

Goodbye Pointless Farm Tower

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will probably know about the pointless farm tower that I made a while back. It has recently fallen into disrepair and as I now have a farm next to my house I don’t really have any use for the tower any more, I never really did now I think about it . . .

The Pointless Farm Tower

The tower did have one use though – the views. I’ve not been up it for a while and I got onto the top just as it was turning night. Our server really does look cool at night . . .

Cool View

I decided to make it go out with a bang, so after getting some more sand from the beach I headed back to my house to craft some TNT. I only made five for now but I think I’m going to need more than that – it is a very strong building as it’s build entirely from cobblestone. I went in and salvaged what I could, the workbench and chest, along with all of the torches and wheat still growing there.



I wired up the redstone and set it off, destroying the insides of the tower. But quite a lot of the outer shell remains. Bring on wave 2.

After Wave 1

Ok, so wave 2 kinda failed as well. As I’ve nearly ran out of gunpowder I think I’ll just take the rest down with my trusty diamond pick. That wont fail 😀

Wave 2

After Wave 2


So I’m probably going to build a house or something where my tower was in next post. But for now I’ve just filled in the hole and made it look all nice.


Sorry about the title, I felt it was necessary. But anyways moving swiftly on. I’m getting to the point on the server when I’ve nearly “beat the game” as such. But that will hopefully change soon, when the next update comes out actually because Burnt is going to re-set the server’s map when that happens.


Don’t ask why, I was bored 😀

Toilet in Progress 1

I started off by making some circles, gradually getting bigger

Toilet in Progress 2

Then I started planning how big the tank was going to be and started building that

Toilet in Progress 3

Added a seat . . .

Toilet in Progress 4

And then the finishing touch – making it flushable! That hole on the right holds the lever where the water is turned on and off. The water is simply behind some pistons and when the switch is flicked it opens the pistons, letting the water flow.

The Rollercoaster

You may have noticed in my last post some minecart track in the background, the day before I got griefed I had started building a mini-rollercoaster coming out of my tree house. This is going to be more of a picture post showing that off, so enjoy!

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 1

It starts up the tree

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 2

Then along here

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 3

Drops off the hill and goes into this hill where there is . . .

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 4

Lava! (When I first made this I had the track only one block above the lava, so it was flush) and when I tested it I set alight as I ran through. I then thought I would be clever and put myself out with water. I did this in the exit out of the cave, which goes uphill. The water ran back down into the hill and turned about half of the lava into obsidian. So I ended up having to mine all of that out for about 10 minutes before continuing

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 5

The setting sun over the cave exit

Minecraft - Rollercoaster 6

The track then runs under here and you can see the end on the right

Refreshing Renovations

After building that quite pointless tower the other day I decided to try and do some changes to my own home that I use day in, day out. Mainly making a basement/kitchen/storage room for some more chests because my very small house just doesn’t have enough space for everything. And I also wanted a sofa 🙂

Minecraft - New Living Area

The new living area Continue reading

New Youtube Video – Auto Harvesting Farm

Just a short video showing off a new auto harvesting farm I made. Uses the piston mod.

(View on youtube for higher quality!)

Edit: Woowowo! 994 views yesterday! I checked in my stats and noticed most of the links to my blog were from reddit (proving posting links on there works) I was wondering, can we get the views today up to 1,200? Its worth a try 😀